As you probably know, Carglass, Autoglass, and Belron are huge companies focused on repairing and replacing truck, bus, van, and car windshields. They are always the top-of-mind companies in the countries they exist in, that in summary, is the whole world except for Africa.

Fewlaps came to action to help to improve the logistics of the business.

We can't describe in depth anything about the internals of the company, but let's do a quick summary and say that we replaced lots of hardware, phone calls, paper prints, and tons of bureaucratic and time-consuming work with just a phone application.

Our first collaboration with Carglass was in 2014 in Spain, where we helped to improve the business for the mobile technicians of the country. As time passed by, Belron saw how effective the solution was, and implemented it in other countries like Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Finland and Norway. 900 technicians over the world use the app daily to successfully deliver thousands of appointments.

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