NFC Car Station

Connecting your phone to your car by NFC

Car Station, formerly NFC Car, was one of the first apps in Google Play that connected your phone with your car automatically.

With the arrival of the first phones with NFC we ordered some NFC tags to play with them. Our most successful experiment was Car Station, an application to automatically connect your phone with your car as soon as you put your phone in your car's phone holder. When the phone was near the NFC tag, the app was launched and the automations the user programmed happened, as activating the Bluetooth, GPS, disabling the Wi-Fi, and launching an application like Spotify. In addition, the user was able to whiste and talk to the phone to do things without touching the phone.

Some time after Google and Apple introduced Android Auto and Apple Car we discontinued this project.

Do you want to see something impressive? As you can see in the screenshots, the app ran on Android 4.2 phones. We added three buttons more in the top of app to launch car related apps chosen by the user in the top of the screen. What about the impressive part? Some years later, those three buttons that we shown in the app, the square, the circle and the triangle became the bottom bar main buttons in all the devices with Android 5.0.