In 2014 we received a call: InfoJobs needed us for two months to launch their app on time.

What started as a two months relationship transformed into a collaboration of four years.

When everything started, we joined an Agile team of eight: a Product Owner, a UX designer, a UI designer, two in-house Android developers, a QA, and the Android architect we were replacing. The team was friendly and very energetic, so implementing the application from scratch was a pleasure for everyone.

After the go-live, the company wanted more. The app that only had the most value-creating features of the website, needed to go past the horizon and transform the app built in two months into something big. And so we did. The team grew, changed, and the whole company started to collaborate on the app. What started like a common mobile silo transformed to 40 employees able to add their mission-related features into the app.

After leading the Android core team of InfoJobs, we were asked to spread the word to the whole company, sharing what we learned on the InfoJobs apps to all the verticals: Vibbo, Fotocasa,, Milanuncios, Habitaclia… If you are Spaniard, you know them, and if you aren’t, rest assured that they are the big marketplaces here in Spain.

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